Our Belize Snorkeling Shore Excursion  takes you to the flourishing sub-aquatic haven of the increasingly popular Shark Ray Alley and Coral Gardens, hailed as one of the best “animal dives” by the Caribbean’s Skin Diver Magazine and is located just south of the famous Hol Chan Marine Reserve which itself is just 4 miles south east of Ambergris Caye.  Originally a central gathering point for local fishermen to clean their daily catch, the area soon became a popular feeding ground for local sea creatures particularly the passive nurse sharks and several species of sting ray that inhabit the surrounding waters.  This unique congregation of marine species soon became an alluring spectacle to both locals and foreign tourists.  As the number of spectators increased, it was soon realized that the site would suit a more beneficial purpose as a conservation venue where tourists were permitted to interact with without threatening the marine-life.  So Shark Ray Alley, adequately dubbed due to its vibrant profusion of sharks and stingrays, came into existence in the 1990s.

Despite their competitive frolicking, the animals have developed a reputable tolerance for divers and snorkelers who are able to safely intermingle with the sharks and rays in their shallow habitat, often managing to grasp a gentle stroke of a stingray underbelly in the process.  Snorkelers can enjoy the intimate experience of feeding the rays by casually extending hand held scraps directly towards their expectant open mouths.  Ultimately,  Shark Ray Alley provides a highly invigorating, interactive, and rewarding experience for both visitors and the colorful array of marine life that inhabits the shallow azure waters while most importantly ensuring the vitality of these charming creatures for generations to come.

Place a deposit and pay the balance in US cash at the time of your tour. We do NOT accept Credit Cards on the day of tours in Belize. To add kids select from the booking on the right adults first, add to cart and to select kids after come back to the tour and select kids, items will be added to cart before checkout.

Summer special Adults US75
                         Children US60

DEPARTURE TIME Please be ready at least 15 minutes before departure
Lunch Licensed guides
Local transportation All entrance fees
Guide gratuity

Please note that there is a minimum of two persons for this excursion. Please note that after your booking we will be in touch to get all the details, hotel accommodation etc.



We pickup from Fort Street Tourism Village.

Transfer to Orange Walk

Walk over to our staging area, where we transfer to your boat for departure.

Transfer to Caye Caulker

Transfer to Caye Caulker, Get sardines to feed Tarpons, head to shark ray alley  .


Guides will take care in making sure guests have the best tour in the water, explain the marine life.

Lunch and Return to City

After your Belize Snorkel Shore Excursion, guests are served a delicious local lunch after which its return to Belize City.